LithoLexal® - A unique marine plant-derived extract

The LithoLexal® extract, found at the core of Bone and Joint Health, is a multi-molecular and highly bioavailable marine plant extract, sourced from the mineral rich waters around Iceland.


Containing calcium, magnesium and over 70 additional trace minerals, and with added vitamin d, the LithoLexal® range can be characterised for its potent mineral mix and highly bioavailable nature that contribute to the health of the bones and joints.


LithoLexal® is supported by over 25 scientific studies the have demonstrated its effectiveness in various areas that pertain to the support of the bone rebuilding cycle and the natural joint repair process.




What is LithoLexal®?

The LithoLexal® extract is derived from a marine plant harvested responsibly in the mineral-rich waters off the coast of Iceland.


In clearer terms, the extract is derived from a form of calcified algae. During the lifecycle of the plant, it constantly thrives on the goodness that the waters provide, and the minerals accumulate in the ‘fronds’ (leaves by definition). At the end of the lifecycle of the fronds, they begin to calcify and eventually fall from the remaining living plant, and ultimately this acts to preserve the abundance of minerals that have been gathered throughout the lifespan, in addition to providing a further source of calcium.


Once this process completes, the calcified algae fronds drop to the ocean floor, which is the point it can be carefully harvested, and in turn cause very little disruption to the surrounding ecosystem in order to help preserve it. Through a rigorous and precise extraction process, the multi-molecular LithoLexal® extract is formed – resulting in minimal loss of the inherent mineral contents of the algae, and also maintaining the benefits of the complex structure that lends itself to high bioavailability.


This allows us to harness this power and goodness provided by the sea in the form of the LithoLexal® range.



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Why choose LithoLexal®?

Enhanced Bioactivity


The LithoLexal® extract carries a number of bioactive elements that are either weak or not present in the vast majority of alternatives:


  • Significantly increased bioavailability of key minerals Calcium and Magnesium
  • Increased positive influence over factors that contribute to the healthy function of the bone rebuilding cycle and joint repair process
  • Increased inhibition of negative factors that can worsen bone and joint health conditions
  • Demonstrated superior performance in studies when compared to standard alternatives.
  • Proprietary ingredient Vercilexal® – a proteoglycan complex that contributes to the maintenance of cartilage tissues



Scientifically Proven


LithoLexal® is supported by over 25 scientific and clinical studies that support the many beneficial aspects of the range.


The vast majority of alternatives you will find on the shelf will rely entirely on standard scientific evidence – this is because they use standardised ingredients with nothing particularly unique about them.


Our heritage at Pharma Medico is deeply intertwined with scientific research, and LithoLexal® is no different, offering our unique and superior take on tackling the needs of those people with known bone and joint health conditions – or for those who are proactively looking to improve the health of the bones and joints and offer a bit more protection against future aggravation associated with these kinds of health concerns.



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