LithoLexal Joint Health pack

LithoLexal® Joint Health

Containing the proprietary LithoLexal® extract, and with added Vercilexal®, Joint Health is scientifically formulated to support the health and maintenance of joints for women and men of all ages.


Healthy cartilage formation is important for normal joint function. The role of cartilage is to protect adjacent bones.


Our unique LithoLexal® formulation, containing a marine plant extract, derived from the mineral-rich Icelandic waters, combined with fish cartilage proteoglycans; developed to help support joint health through all stages of life.



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What is LithoLexal®?

LithoLexal® is a multi-molecular, bioactive, slow-release calcium complex.

Utilising a slow-release nanoparticulate matrix, as the extract is digested, the nanoparticles peel away fully in tact, like an onion. This is critical to how the multi-molecular complex exerts its range of bioactive properties.


What makes LithoLexal® better than alternatives?

Thanks to the bioactive properties of LithoLexal®, there are a raft of benefits that won’t be found in alternative joint health products:


 – Clinically proven

LithoLexal® is supported by over 25 bespoke scientific and clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the unique extract – unlike alternative joint products, such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, that have no approved scientific data or claims.


 – Demonstrated superior effectiveness vs Glucosamine

In a clinical study, performed on patients with moderate to severe knee Osteoarthritis, LithoLexal® showed significant improvements in areas such as pain, stiffness and mobility, when compared to glucosamine.


 – Contributes to a significant reduction in use of NSAIDs

It’s fairly typical for people who suffer from joint conditions such as osteoarthritis to use NSAIDs (such as Ibuprofen) over long periods, or indefinitely.

In another clinical trial, LithoLexal® demonstrated significant improvements in joint mobility and walking distances following a 50% reduction in NSAIDs when compared to another group using a placebo.


 – Inhibits expression of pro-inflammatory factors

Thanks to the unique bioactive properties of the LithoLexal® extract, one unique function is it’s ability to suppress the expression of the COX-2 inflammatory pathway.

What this means is an effective and natural anti-inflammatory effect.


 – Vercilexal® – Joint specific Proteoglycans

LithoLexal® Joint Health also contains another proprietary ingredient – Vercilexal®.

Providing chains of Aggrecan and Versican proteoglycans, those present in the cartilage tissue of the joint capsule, and a contributor to the structure of cartilage, LithoLexal® Joint Health contributes to the normal maintenance of cartilage.


 – With Vitamin C and Manganese

In order to complete the formula, LithoLexal® Joint Health contains vitamin C and Manganese, two ingredients noted for their properties in the function, support and maintenance of connective tissues – such as those found in the joints.


Comparison table demonstrating the superior action of LithoLexal Joint Health compared to Glucosamine/Chondroitin

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User Testimonials

Whilst we are proud of the scientific research that underpins LithoLexal, something that sets it apart from standard competitors, positive user experience is also vital to us, as this is the ‘real world’ evidence that helps to back up the effectiveness of our products.

Here’s a small selection taken from satisfied customers. All reviews sourced from Holland & Barrett:


Great Product – 5 stars

I have been using this product for about 12 months and I have noticed a definite increase in my overall joint mobility. I have already recommended this to many of my friends and family. A great product. – Trouty


So far, so good– 5 stars

I’ve just finished my first month of LithoLexal and I am slowly starting to notice a difference. There is definitely less pain and stiffness in my thumbs, the muscles round my hip are starting to un-tense as my hip eases and my knee no longer wakes me in pain 3 or 4 times a night. Looking forward to starting my next month and see if the improvements get even better. – SJTGGD


Really works – 5 stars

I took this product for 2 months as I have a painful shoulder strain. I found the pain started to lessen after about 3 weeks and has continued to improve. I did find the product gave me a little constipation which resolved when I took the product with plenty of water. – Nightnurse


Excellent product – 5 stars

I’ve been using LithoLexal Joint Health for two months now. I have arthritis in my hands, wrists and knees. This product has allowed me to lead a pain free life and also stop taking prescribed medication from my GP. Can’t rate this product highly enough.

LithoLexal Joint Health – Clinical Benefits Explained

The following video, presented by Dr. Omar Milhem, the Clinical Director of Pharma Medico, goes into some further detail of the clinical benefits of LithoLexal Joint Health.

This video does refer to some more complex scientific terminology, but for the most part the benefits are made in a clear, concise manner: