LithoLexal Bone Health Pack

LithoLexal® Bone Health

Containing the proprietary LithoLexal® extract, Bone Health is scientifically formulated to support the health and maintenance of bones for women and men of all ages.


Ensuring we have sufficient Calcium in our daily diet, either through the food we eat, or through supplementation is essential to trying to maintain healthy bones.


Our unique LithoLexal® formulation, containing a marine plant extract, derived from the mineral-rich Icelandic waters, has been developed with a highly bioavailable source of Calcium and Magnesium, with added vitamin D to support your bones.



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What is LithoLexal®?

LithoLexal® is a multi-molecular, bioactive, slow-release calcium complex.

Utilising a slow-release nanoparticulate matrix, as the extract is digested, the nanoparticles peel away fully in tact, like an onion. This is critical to how the multi-molecular complex exerts its range of bioactive properties.


What makes LithoLexal® better than alternatives?

Thanks to the bioactive properties of LithoLexal®, there are a raft of benefits that won’t be found in generic, off the shelf calcium products:


 – Increased bioavailability of Calcium and Magnesium

The marine plant structure, and the formation of the LithoLexal® extract, leads to an increase of up to double the amount of elemental calcium that is absorbed by the body. In addition to calcium, there is a healthy amount of Magnesium, which is also important in the maintenance of bones.


 – Increased mineralisation of bone cells

In addition to the calcium and magnesium, there are over 70 additional trace minerals present in the LithoLexal® extract. Alone, they don’t offer too many benefits in these small quantities, but the combined effect of the extract means that these minerals are used to help construct up to three times the amount of bone matter, when compared to generic calcium products.


– Increased impact when paired with Vitamin D

Another vital component of bone health is vitamin D. In the UK, it is recommended to use a supplement all year round to maintain vitamin D levels as we don’t have enough reliable sunlight exposure.

The role of vitamin D is to help transport calcium to the blood, and when combining this with the high bioavailability of the LithoLexal extract it has a far more significant impact than generic calcium alternatives.



Royal Osteoporosis Society Bone Health Approved logo



– ‘Bone Health Approved’ by the Royal Osteoporosis Society

LithoLexal is one of the first products – and the first food supplement – to be expertly assessed and accredited with the ‘Bone Health Approved’ status by the ROS – the UKs biggest charity dedicated to tackling Osteoporosis. You can read more about it by clicking here.

This mark is a sign of trust and quality by the ROS.


 – Clinically proven

LithoLexal is supported by over 25 bespoke scientific and clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the unique extract – unlike generic calcium products that rely on pre-existing generic scientific data.

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User Testimonials


Whilst we are proud of the scientific research that underpins LithoLexal, something that sets it apart from standard competitors, positive user experience is vital to us, as this is the ‘real world’ evidence that helps to back up the effectiveness of our products.



Great results using LithoLexal Bone Health! Thank You! Shabs, 64

Some time ago I fell ill with sepsis of the lungs, and my condition was serious, so I had to treat it with a long-term course of powerful steroids. Unfortunately, this led to a reduction in my bone mass, sending me into a state of Osteopenia and close to full Osteoporosis.

I researched the available treatments, including alendronic acid that was offered to me by the doctor, but I decided that a calcium-rich diet was the way to go. As part of my research, I was looking for a great supplement to help, and I found LithoLexal Bone Health.

2 years on and what can I say but wow, thank you LithoLexal. In a recent DEXA scan, my results demonstrated fantastic improvements, and my Doctor even commented asking what I had done to achieve this! Needless to say, I will continue to us LithoLexal and look forward to my next DEXA scan.

LithoLexal Bone Health – Clinical Benefits Explained


The following video, presented by Dr. Omar Milhem, the Clinical Director of Pharma Medico, goes into some further detail of the clinical benefits of LithoLexal Bone Health.

This video does refer to some more complex scientific terminology, but for the most part the benefits are made in a clear, concise manner: